Caring for others is a part of my nature that was ingrained early in my life.  As a young teen, I spent many nights and weekends babysitting children. Alternately, as a high school senior I assisted elderly residents at Sherwood Assisted Living Center, helping them with their activities of daily life. I realized I had an aptitude for listening, the most important part of delivering care. For nearly a decade, I worked as a dental assistant, bridging the gap between patients and dentists, and establishing a comfortable rapport in an environment uncomfortable for many.

I began practicing massage at Soluna Wellness and Massage after graduating from Port Townsend School of Massage in 2014. I relish the opportunity to increase my knowledge of massage techniques and I am excited to have completed a course in Intra-oral Massage, designed to relieve muscle tension and soreness in the TMJ (temporomandibular joint).  With a background in dentistry, the practice of intra-oral massage comes naturally to me, especially considering the sensitive nature of working around and inside the mouth.  I am happy to be able to bring an additional alternative treatment to those suffering the pain and discomfort of TMJ Disorders.  Additionally, I have been trained in Myofascial Release from Nancy Johns at Peninsula Work Fit in Port Angeles, and have taken a course in Myofascial Release through John Barnes.

    I am committed to learning techniques and treatments that will allow me to provide my clients with the best possible care. I strive to listen to my clients and deliver care in an environment that allows them to experience relaxation and comfort.

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