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Intra-Oral Massage

Intra-Oral Massage is a technique that works muscles inside and outside the mouth, the anterior and posterior neck. This treatment is beneficial for clients suffering from TMJ dysfunction due to clenching, grinding, painful or clicking jaw, excess jaw tension, migraines, whiplash, strains from orthodontia, dental procedure after-effects, headaches, tinnitus, and/or chronic face and neck pain.
This technique can be intense, but it is not necessarily painful. Intra-Oral Massage deals with muscles that are rarely touched. In turn, these muscles respond to less pressure.
Gloves are worn while working inside the mouth to release muscles and fascia involved in chewing and clenching.

$90 - 1 Hour Treatment

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage, also referred to as relaxation massage, consists of a variety of techniques designed to relax the body .
The practitioner applies lotion to help facilitate the  variety of the strokes used in Swedish Massage, such as long gliding strokes, circular pressure applied with the palms and hands, and kneading of the superficial layers of skin and muscles.  These strokes are used to apply pressure to superficial muscles, which, in turn, places pressure on deeper muscles encouraging the muscles to release tightness and tension.

$90 - 1 Hour Treatment

$120- 1.5 Hour Treatment

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a therapeutic, hands-on technique. No lotions or creams are used, allowing the practitioner to engage the restriction in the tissue. Sustained counter pressure is applied to facilitating the release of the facial tissue. Myofascial Release encourages changes in the tissue by stretching and elongating of fascia to mobilize adhered tissue.

$90 - 1 Hour Treatment

‚Äč$120 - 1.5 Hour Treatment

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is designed to treat specific musculoskeletal disorders by realigning the deeper layers of muscles and fascia. It is especially beneficial for chronically tense and contracted areas.
Deep Tissue Massage is deliberate and focused, treating deep-chronic muscle tension. Some clients may experience a more intense session, but feel this work is necessary and beneficial to relieve chronic muscle tension. At some point in the massage clients may experience some discomfort. It is important to communicate this with your practitioner so that they can direct you in how to breathe to help limit the discomfort or, if necessary, decrease the pressure.
Some muscle soreness and stiffness is normal after a Deep Tissue Massage; it should subside after a few days. Drinking water before and after a massage will help flush and rehydrate the tissues.

$90 - 1 Hour Treatment

$120 - 1.5 Hour Treatment